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Ski-jumping, comedians and canine aphorisms

Last bark for TV series

Poor old New Tricks. According to many reports and their Wikipedia page the series shooting now will be the last. After a healthy 12 batches of them, the TV powers that be have decided that the pooch-based proverb from which the show’s name comes from is actually true (there will be another dog reference coming later, thus further proving the adage, so keep reading). To celebrate, they blew out the window of a flat on the Sherwood Close Estate (pictured). Hopefully, they put it back in afterwards.   

Jump to it

The London 2012 Olympics were such a success that it was decided Britain should remind itself how amateurish it normally is at sport, so a film about Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards was commissioned. Naturally, we needed to get the help of an Australian to remind us of our embarrassing failures, so Hugh Jackman was recruited as Eddie’s trainer. They have used North Acton as the place where Eddie first learns he is rubbish at sport. (Sorry Eddie.)

Larks in Lammas

There are confirmed reports that Vic Reeves was larking about in Lammas Park for a new comedy series produced by Sky. Vic Reeves is believed to enjoy larking about in many places, but Lammas Park was surely one of his favourites. The park has a croquet club, tennis courts and a five-a-side football pitch so there are many areas a good comedian should be able to use to their advantage. According to the crew’s filming application they used a dog for the shoot, so that should have helped as well because dogs sometimes do very funny things.

Cricket launch

Meanwhile, legendary England spinner Graeme Swann went to Southall to help launch the 2015 Indian Premier League season. 

Back in a few minutes

No Reel Life review is complete without a recap of what the advertisers would like you to do, based on the commercials filmed over the past few months. Unfortunately, as usual, we can’t mention any brand names. However, when you’ve finished reading this please go to the supermarket and buy some chocolate, then go to a different supermarket and buy some crisps. Once you’ve done that, go home and sit on your new sofa. Look out for all of the above in an ad break coming to your TV screen soon. 

Want to know more?

Visit the West London Film Office website – where you can also register your property as a potential TV or film location.


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