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Andrea, Sunny and Ann Marie have signed up as Get Moving volunteers

Trio step up to the Get Moving challenge

EalingNewsExtra have selected three volunteers who wanted to step up to a Get Moving challenge. For many of us, fitting exercise into our daily lives can feel like an uphill struggle. We know that we really ought to be a bit more active, but find it hard to make the time, do not think of ourselves as naturally sporty or just do not find it enjoyable.

The idea of the challenge was to be help three local people to become fitter and live a healthier lifestyle while sharing their stories with everyone to show how it can be done.

People from all over the borough came forward, all with great reasons for wanting to take part.

After careful consideration, these three were chosen: Andrea, a mum from Acton; Sunny, a professional baker from Southall; and Ann Marie, a retired surveyor from Ealing.

The volunteers had a meeting with a health trainer from NHS One You to talk about their routine and agree some goals to work towards in 2018.

To find out how the volunteers are getting on you can follow their journey on our EalingLondon Facebook page and look out for regular updates about this, and the Get Moving campaign in general, at ealingnewsextra.co.uk/getmoving


Mother-of-one Andrea Mensah, 29, who lives in Acton, said: “When I had my daughter I gained 20 kilos and, even though I have lost most of the weight, I would love to get back to my pre-baby shape and tone up. I don’t want this to just be a ‘new year’ exercise fad. I’m committed to becoming more active so that I can feel like myself again and get my confidence back.”


Ann Marie Tighe, 66, said: “The challenge came at just the right time for me. I have a family history of cardiovascular disease and my doctor recently told me that I’m at risk of suffering a stroke or heart attack in the next decade. My younger cousin had a heart attack in 2016 and that was a real shock for me. I know I need to make some permanent changes to my lifestyle and I hope the challenge will spur me on to make those changes to help reduce my chances of having a heart attack.”


Sunny Bal, 33, from Southall, said: “I work in marketing and also run my own business making cupcakes so I’m really busy. I like to work out, but with all my work commitments I’m finding it increasingly hard to fit it in. I really hope that the challenge pushes me on to get fitter and helps me to find better ways of fitting exercise into my routine.”


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