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The insider’s guide to the Hanwell Hootie

There is so much to choose from at the sixth Hanwell Hootie this year – and here is a guide on how to make the most of London’s biggest free, one-day music festival on Saturday, 12 May; including the lowdown on some of the bands and a full line-up to view.

The Viaduct Meadow

A huge success in 2017, the Viaduct Meadow is the place to sprawl on the grass and simply soak up the festival atmosphere. Now with an

Performing at the igloo stage
Performing at the igloo stage

expanded capacity of 5,000, its bars and food vans open from 3pm.

The Minute of Loud: 4pm, Viaduct Meadow

Instead of a minute’s silence, the Hootie traditionally starts with a minute’s loud in memory of Jim Marshall, creator of the legendary Marshall Amp, whose connection to Hanwell inspired the festival.

The Bearcat Comedy Club, Igloo Stage, Viaduct Meadow, from 7.45pm

A new addition this year from west London’s longest running comedy club, each of the five acts incorporates music. May not be suitable for small ears…

Free shuttle bus at the Hootie (Paul James)
Free shuttle bus at the Hootie (Paul James)
The free shuttle bus, 3.45pm to 10.30pm

Actually there are three buses on different routes, connecting the venues to Ealing, Brentford and Northfields. You’ll find a map on the Hootie website www.hanwellhootie.co.uk. Note that, because they are old-style Routemasters, they are not wheelchair accessible.

Fabulous Feasting: Viaduct Meadow, St Mark’s School and Sandy Park

Curry, ice cream, crepes, pizza, jerk chicken, burritos hotdogs… there is plenty on offer for the hungry festival-goer. Many of the pub venues will also be offering hot food. Plus, Hanwell’s cafes and restaurants will be open, of course.

The Hootie charities

You will spot volunteers from the festival’s two official charities canvassing for donations: Alice’s Youth Music Memorial Fund, set up in memory of Alice Gross; and music charity Nordoff Robbins. Both charities fund music-making and music therapy as a way of helping people who face challenges like disability, poverty and mental health issues.

And, of course…the music

Not forgetting what everyone comes for: The music. It is all a matter of taste, of course, which is why the Hootie has a variety in abundance.

We have the full line-up here to take a look at: Hanwell Hootie 2018 full line-up PDF.

Below is a small selection of the 90-odd bands on offer and a little guide to what they are like, to add to the handful of names of some of the leading lights on the main stages who we picked out before. Why not sample some of these acts at the various locations during the afternoon and evening?:

  • Rews, 4.15pm, Viaduct Meadow: Having just finished a UK-wide tour, highly-rated duo Shona and Collette kick off the Hootie with high-energy alt rock – The Rews are pictured at the top of the page
  • Hannah Scott
    Black Waters
    Black Waters
    Hannah Scott
    Hannah Scott

    , 4.30pm, The Green W7: Contemporary folk with though-provoking lyrics and strong melodie

  • Berries, 5.45pm, The Grosvenor: Expect an original take on riff-driven rock from this energetic trio
  • Press to MECO, 5.45pm, The Kings Arms: With a new album just out, this London-based trio love three-part harmonies and huge riffs
  • Metro Verlaine, 7pm, Village Inn: Dark romantic French punk-rockers somewhere between The Cure and Eric Cantona…
  • False Advertising, 8.15pm, The Forester: Garage punks with a unique brand of energetic grunge
  • Morrissey & Marshall, 9.30pm, St Mellitus Church: Appealing pop-rock with a classical influence and beautiful harmonies
  • Hot Border Special, 9.30pm, Sandy Park: Get dancing as this rootsy audio mystery tour travels from funk through afro-beat to rock and samba
  • BlackWaters, 10.45pm, The Prince of Wales: The punk rockers come to the Hootie fresh from working with Carl Barat of The Libertines.
Want more information?

For full details and the list of venues go to www.hanwellhootie.co.uk

For other updates, visit www.facebook.com/TheHanwellHootie or follow @HanwellHootie on Twitter.

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