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Morrissey and Marshall will be playing the Hanwell Hootie 2018

‘The audience is in for a good one – we promise’

When the Hanwell Hootie returns on Saturday, 12 May there will be an incredible line-up of 90 bands to choose from, as we told you in our insider’s guide. One of those bands, Morrissey and Marshall, tell us we should make it our business to go and watch them play…

How would you describe your sound, and what inspires it?

Darren from the band: Harmony rock ‘n’ roll music predominantly inspired by ’60s musicians and songwriters.

When it comes to your lyrics, what are your influences? What subjects are you interested in singing about?

Darren: Lyrically, I am influenced by the people and the world around me in both a positive and negative way. There are dozens of topics that interest me when writing but the main subject I like to sing about is ‘love’… not in a soppy relationship ‘my baby broke my heart’ kind of way, but in the broader sense of the word – like the way John Lennon and Bob Marley would’ve written about it.

The Hootie’s presumably your first festival gig of the summer. Does it feel different to play an event like this?

Darren: Yes it is… and we’re happy to be kicking off the festival season so close to where we’re based in London. It feels different in a good way because we’re playing in a church. We pride ourselves on the tightness of our harmonies and overall melodic sound which will be enhanced by the sound and natural reverb in the room. We will have a few very special guests appearing with us too, so the audience is in for a good one – we promise.

It is pretty unusual as festivals go, free to attend and with 15 different venues and buses ferrying people to and fro. What do you think of the concept?

Darren: I think the answer is in the question… I think it’s a deadly concept – nice one.

Will you be checking out the other bands before or after you go on? Which ones would you pick to see or recommend?

Darren: We’re going to wander around the Hanwell Hootie before our stage time for sure. I won’t be aiming to see any band in particular – I think it’s better sometimes to just stumble upon a gig and go with it… apart from in our case, you should defo make it your business to come and watch us…

What should people expect from seeng you live?

Darren: Good rock ‘n’ roll songs, loads of energy and a harmonious and positive experience for everyone involved.

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