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Fly-tipping – know the facts

Fly-tipping is a big problem for streets, communities and local authorities across the country – but Ealing Council is taking on the rubbish dumpers head-on with targeted clean-ups and tough action.

Specialist enforcement teams patrol the streets cleaning up, and collecting evidence from fly-tips, which helps them trace rubbish back to the perpetrators.

However keeping the borough’s streets free of unsightly rubbish is something that is everyone’s responsibility it is vital that local people know the facts on fly-tipping and ensure their waste is disposed of properly.

Did you know?…

  • Anyone can commit a fly-tipping offence if they do not take steps to ensure that their waste is disposed of properly, whether they are a homeowner, tenant, landlord or local business
  • It is always your responsibility to clear up bulky household waste and building material – you must ensure that you use the council or a reputable company to remove waste as you will be fined if this waste ends up on the borough’s streets
  • Even leaving a bag of rubbish besides a bin is fly-tipping. This is dangerous as it could block the road and you will face a fine if it is traced back to you
  • Even dumping rubbish once is harmful – the council’s teams respond to reports of  fly-tips and work to clear up to 800 every month. Each new one means more time and resources are spent on the clear-up job
  • Landlords must take responsibility for ensuring that all rubbish left by tenants leaving the premises is disposed of properly and legally. This includes mattresses, which are one of the most common larger items cleared by the council’s teams
  • Local businesses need to have a commercial waste contract for their rubbish, or they could be subject to a hefty fine should fly-tips be traced back to their company.

A helping hand with clearing up

A range of support is available to residents, businesses and landlords to help them avoid becoming a fly-tipper.

The council offers a bulky waste collection service and will collect up to eight items for just £40. Collections can even be shared with friends and neighbours, but the items must all be collected from one location. Alternatively you can take your bulky waste to one of the borough’s reuse and recycling centres.

To avoid possible fines, it is vital to check whether a waste clearance company is licensed and legal.

“We need local people to know the facts”

Councillor Mik Sabiers, the council’s cabinet member for environment and highways said: “Fly-tipping is a concern for residents across the borough and a serious and costly problem for the council. Our specialist enforcement teams are dedicated to tackling the problem wherever they find it but we need local people to know the facts on fly-tipping and make responsible decisions about getting rid of their rubbish and bulky waste.

“Even fly-tipping just once impacts on our ability to respond to reports and I know that the vast majority of local people will do everything possible to help keep rubbish off the borough’s streets.

“Our specialist teams have had a really positive impact and we have seen a significant reduction in fly-tipping in the past year – but there is still much to be done.

“The council has a range of services available to help residents get rid of their waste. I encourage everyone to find out the facts and help keep our streets clean and tidy.”

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