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DIY tips - Tony fixes a toilet seat

Tony’s DIY tips #1: Toilet seats

Although it is very important to get professional advice and help for more complex repair work around the home, getting to grips with a few common maintenance problems can save you time and money.

So, we would like to introduce you to Tony, our friendly master of home maintenance. In a series of short videos Tony, who works for Ealing Council’s repairs team, will help you get to grips with some basic maintenance jobs around your home. They are all quite simple tasks that only take a few minutes and do not require any specialist tools. You will just need a few screwdrivers.

This week Tony tackles that uncomfortable problem of a wobbly toilet seat. Most of us have found ourselves with a wobbly toilet seat every now and then; fortunately fixing the problem is quite easy. The only tools you will need to fix it are a flat-headed screwdriver and Phillips (or cross-head) screwdriver.

The first thing you will need to do is remove any cover plates at the back of the toilet. For that you need the flat-headed screwdriver. Simply use this to carefully prise them off. This will expose the screws that have come loose and are causing your seat to wobble and move.

Before tightening them you will need to make sure the seat is neatly aligned with the pan. Then grab your Philipp’s screwdriver and use this to tighten up the screws at the back of the toilet seat. Do not over-tighten them though; just make sure they are nice and secure.

Then simply put the cover plates back. Sometimes you will have to lift the seat up to move the covers back around, then simply push them back down. With your caps back on, the job is now done and you should no-longer have a wobbly toilet seat.

Look out for more of Tony’s DIY tips, coming soon.

If you are in doubt about any aspect of home maintenance, always consult a professional.

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