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Glass bottles for recycling - one type of recycling taken as part of the new service for local businesses

Get into the business of recycling

Businesses in the borough can take advantage of a new recycling service recently launched by Ealing Council to help them get rid of recyclable waste in a quick, cost effective and environmentally-friendly way.

The new service is for mixed recycling – in other words all the dry, clean things your business throws away including paper, metal cans, cardboard, glass bottles and plastic. That normally adds up to around 90% of rubbish for most businesses. 

You can sign up for a regular collection which will take away your mixed recycling on a scheduled day, once per week.

Recycling is cheaper than disposing of just general waste and much better for the environment too, as it reduces carbon emissions and greenhouse gas emissions by limiting the need for raw materials.

Once collected, all items of dry mixed recycling are taken to a separating facility where the items are either turned into what they were before or re-purposed into something different.

It means that this waste is not sent to landfill (landfill is worse for the environment and can be a big cost to tax payers) – meaning money saved from expensive disposal costs could be spent on other important services.

The new dry mixed recycling service is available alongside the council’s current commercial waste refuse collection, which helps businesses dispose of their waste easily and legally.

Signing up to both services takes the strain out of dealing with everyday rubbish and recycling concerns and ensures that waste items and rubbish sacks do not end up on the street as fly-tipping. It is your legal responsibility to dispose of waste correctly and fly-tipping is an offence that carries a potential fine of up to £50,000.

If you are interested in inviting someone from the council’s business waste team to visit your premises to discuss how the service could help you, then please complete this form or call 020 3848 1044. Alternatively, visit the council’s website for more information.

You can find out more about rubbish and recycling collection in the borough via the council’s website.

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