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Three men and one woman standing next to a bike hangar and smiling.

Ealing doubles bike hangar numbers

Ealing Council has installed its 96th bike hangar in the borough, which means we have more than doubled the number of spaces available for residents since March 2023.

The council is well on its way to delivering on its promise to have 150 bike hangars in the borough by 2026, as part of its £10million investment to support active travel – cycling, walking, scooting or using public transport.

Bike hangars have been installed in locations suggested by the community and each parking space costs just 70p per month. One bike hangar allows parking for six bicycles reflecting council’s commitment to share space on our streets more fairly with residents who want to walk and cycle.

Councillor Peter Mason, council leader and Councillor Deirdre Costigan, deputy leader and cabinet member for climate action, along with Tom from Cyclehoop, the company installing the hangars, met Jamie, a local resident, at the latest hangar in Hanwell.

Jamie, a Hanwell resident, said: “I really like having my bike in a hanger, it makes it a lot easier than digging my bike out of the shed for a quick ride to the shop or a commute. It means I use my bike more often when I might have previously used my car. Having the bike hanger only a couple of minutes from my home means that I can use it on a regular basis. The fact that it is also less than £10 for the year means it is more cost effective than buying a bike shed to store my bike.”

Bike hangars where you want them

Almost 350 people, including Jamie, took part in the bike hangar consultation in December 2022, sharing their views on where they would like to see bike hangars installed.

You can give your suggestions on where you want bike hangars in the borough installed.

Councillor Peter Mason said: “We know that not having somewhere safe and affordable to keep a bicycle is a reason people don’t cycle more. So this year alone we have installed 52 new bike hangars across the borough.

“Thank you to everyone who took part in the consultation last year and told us where they wanted storage for their bikes. All of the new bike hangars are all in locations suggested by the community.”

Cheapest bike storage in London

Councillor Deirdre Costigan said: “Not only have we doubled the number of bike hangars in the borough, we’ve also slashed the price of a permit so that you can park your bike more cheaply in Ealing than anywhere else in London.

“Helping more people to take up active travel is a really important part of our commitment to tackling air pollution and the climate crisis, as well as reducing health inequalities.

“We will continue to work with our residents to help more people walk, cycle and scoot, so we can all enjoy cleaner air and a healthier, more sustainable borough.”

Tom from Cyclehoop said: “It has been a pleasure to work closely together with Ealing Council to increase the number of bike hangars in the borough.

“Our collaborative efforts aim to make sustainable transportation more accessible for residents. And hearing the positive feedback from the residents demonstrates the effectiveness in promoting greener alternatives to travelling in London.”

Watch a short video of Ricardo, an Acton resident, and hear how he has benefited from one of the new bike hangars.

Watch out for the next batch of bike hangars coming to Greenford, Southall and West Ealing.

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