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Baby grey slender loris

Baby news at Hanwell Zoo

Hanwell Zoo’s animal family just got bigger and cuter. On 26 March, a baby grey slender loris was born at Hanwell Zoo, making history as the first loris to be born at the zoo. The tiny, yet-to-be-named baby, whose sex will be determined once it’s bigger, is doing well.

The baby loris is being looked after by the zookeepers behind the scenes for now, because it is still very delicate at this young age. The baby and parents hope to be presented to the public later this summer.

“We are thrilled to bits,” said Jim Gregory, centre manager. “The little loris is adorable and doing well with its mum and dad. It’s early days so we will be keeping them in a private enclosure for a little bit longer, while they get used to each other and the baby grows a bit more.

“It’s our first baby loris, which is a huge milestone for the zoo. The grey slender loris are part of an European endangered species breeding programme (EEP) which plays a key role in the conservation of endangered species. It feels great to know we were able to play a small part in that.

“Supporting BIAZA (British and Irish association of zoos and aquariums) zoos, like Hanwell Zoo, helps ensure species like these aren’t lost forever. We would like to thank everyone who has already visited us since we reopened two weeks ago and look forward to welcoming lots more visitors soon.”

Loris lowdown

Loris are nocturnal animals and originate from India, Sri Lanka and southeast Asia. Habitat destruction and deforestation for development has left these little animals, with enormous eyes and long, thin limbs are fighting to survive in their natural habitat.

The chilled-out animals are known for their slow and precise movements – and also for being extremely cute. They move and climb extremely slowly to avoid attracting the attention of predators or alerting their insect prey.

Plan a visit

Entrance fees into the zoo starts at just £4.50 for adults and £2.50 for children over three years old, with children under three years old admitted for free.

There are also annual season tickets and membership packages available at great prices – with your entrance money essential in funding the running costs of the zoo into the future.

Social distancing requirements mean that a maximum of 100 people are allowed in the zoo at any one time. This includes any children under the age of three, so it is essential to include the number of younger children when booking a slot. All visits are restricted to the time confirmed in the booking and cannot be transferred.

You can find out more on the zoo’s Facebook page.

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