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Bike hangars coming near you

Ealing Council is installing another 25 new bike hangars across the borough this spring following a consultation last December when local people had a say on where they want storage for bikes.

This is part of its £10million investment to support cycling, walking and scooting and commitment to a new approach to engaging with local people on transport schemes as set out in the Travel in Ealing Charter.

Target of 150 bike hangars

Almost 350 people responded to the bike hangar consultation that gave local people the chance to see where existing bike hangars are located and select where they would like to see one installed in the future. The consultation also asked if the council have set the criteria right in deciding where bike hangars go.

Council leader Peter Mason said: “Helping more people to cycle, as well as walk and scoot as a way of getting around is a really important part of our commitment to fighting air pollution and the climate crisis.

“Following our recent consultation, we are planning to install another 25 of our new bike hangars in the coming weeks, with another 25 more to be installed before the end of the summer.

“And this is just the start. We are working towards our ambitious target of having at least 150 bike hangars by 2026.”

‘The cheapest hangars in London’

Councillor Deirdre Costigan, the council’s cabinet member for climate action, said: “We are determined to increase the number of cyclists in the borough and to help people who want to cycle but who may not have the safe and accessible storage they need.

“Bike hangars are a great and cheap solution, especially now that we have slashed costs from £6 per month to just 70p per month, the cheapest in London.

“When we launched our active travel charter last year we promised to work with you to make improvements and the best decisions together. In December, we asked you to tell us the locations where you would like new bike hangars installed and how you thought we should pick future locations.

“We believe that local people know their areas best, so we used what you said, along with data about suitability and demand, to make sure that our new bike hangars are installed in the places that make the most sense.”

What you said

Almost 350 people responded to the consultation and confirmed that the council should prioritise the following criteria for bike hangar locations:

  • Volume of requests from residents
  • Ability to park your bike near home where access to a garage or shed is limited
  • Number of bike thefts in the area
  • Wider community support for bike hangars
  • Distribution of bike hangars in the borough.

What happens next?

  1. Letters will be sent to residents living near the proposed new bike hangars, with an opportunity to share their views
  2. Following feedback, bike hangar installation will begin this spring
  3. Residents will have a chance to apply for a bike hangar

Councillor Costigan continued: “This is about listening to and using your local knowledge to improve life for everyone in our borough. The new bike hangars are all in locations suggested by residents, either in this latest consultation or previously, where we know there is need.

“This shows how important it is for us to hear your views, and I would like to thank everyone who took part in the consultations.”

Councillor Mason said: “We will continue to work with residents and local groups to help more people walk, cycle and scoot. That will help with improved air quality, better neighbourhoods and a cleaner borough for everyone.

“This won’t stop. We’ll always be listening, and that’s what will shape how we act. If you want a bike hangar near where you live, tell us.”

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