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small crowd filming outside Perceval House, Ealing

Reel Life: Red Eye, Antiques Roadshow and more

As the filmy world tried to move on from the ups and downs of 2023, the borough’s public spaces have remained as film-friendly as ever. If not more so. The West London Film Office got involved in trying to nurture the industry back to health by welcoming these shoots into the borough…

Red Eye, which you might remember filming outside Perceval House last summer, premiered on 21 April on ITV1. We’d strongly advise you to watch the whole thing, but if you just want to see the staff entrance of Perceval House on TV, you might prefer to watch episode 3 first.

Organised by West London Film office with thanks to the council’s Jane Coughlan and David McIlroy, and their teams.

National treasure

BBC camera filming an episode of Antiques Roadshow outside Pitzhanger Manor with crowds standing round watching a member of the public talk to one of the experts
Antiques Roadshow filming. Photo by Rosie Baynham

If TV programmes could be national treasures, surely the Antiques Roadshow would be one of them. Pitzhanger Manor hosted the event in May and it was a sell-out. Guests gathered at the event to share their stories about various special items. Others simply went to witness the magic.

The show, presented by Fiona Bruce, is one of the BBC’s most popular programmes and has
unearthed countless valuables. Word is that they’re aiming to produce 3 separate programmes from the visit, each focusing on different aspects of Ealing.

If things go to plan, we’re looking at a broadcast around September. We’ll see what hidden gems our residents have been keeping tucked away and whether they result in that audible gasp from the public when their value is announced by the experts.

Now we’re cooking

Food guru Big Zuu and footie maestro Patrice Evra skilfully maneuvered themselves around London to indulge in some culinary delights for episode 4 of the new series of Big’s Zuu’s 12 Dishes in 12 Hours. While doing so, they ordered a delivery of manakeesh, aka Lebanese pizza, from the Kamil Bakery (watch out for its sign) in Park Royal. Consuming it in their taxi, Patrice was surprised to learn that manakeesh is often eaten for breakfast. Yum.

Douglas Is Cancelled stars Hugh Bonneville as Douglas Bellowes, a middle-aged, highly respected news anchor. Karen Gillan, taking a break from Hollywood, plays his co-presenter and tormentor in-chief. Douglas’s privileged life is rudely interrupted after he is overheard making an ill-advised comment at his cousin’s wedding. Cue the digital media storm.

To help all this along, the West London Film Office organised a bit of traffic control in Rosemont Road, Acton, with thanks to Mark Reilly and Janice Hendy from the council.

And what edition of Reel Life is complete without a product placement-free look at what the adverts filmed in the borough have been recommending recently? This time, the push seems to be for you to get on a bus to the supermarket, then buy some clothes at a nearby clothing vendor. Probably best to get the bus back home again afterwards.

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