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Warren Farm - green meadow and trees/shrubs

Warren Farm consultation results published

The results of a public consultation on the future of Warren Farm have been published, with more than 1,500 people having their say.  

Warren Farm is Ealing’s largest outdoor sports ground, but it has been out of use for more than 10 years, and the changing rooms and the pavilions are dilapidated. During the lockdown periods of the last two years, Warren Farm became an important place for people in Southall and Hanwell as somewhere to walk, jog, meet up and nature took the opportunity to rewild the meadows.

The consultation sought the views of local residents on how the space is currently being ​used, what can be improved and what sort of sports provision Southall and Hanwell need.

The results

The results show that it is seen as being actively used for walking, running, exercising and enjoying nature. Many people value it as a green space and a wildlife haven that should be preserved.

A number of residents support incorporating sports facilities into an enhanced and improved green space on the site. There is also strong support for improved walking, cycling and running paths, and for the old buildings at the site be demolished as a part of a rejuvenation of the land.

Peter Mason, leader of the council said: “Our long-term ambition for Warren Farm has always been to get the best of both worlds – a future for the site which maintains its wild character for the benefit of people and nature, and also provides much needed sports facilities for the local community.

“We want to ensure that the views and needs of the community are placed front and centre in any long-term plans for Warren Farm, which is why we launched this consultation back in March.

Valued space

“The results show that the space is valued by many local people in Southall, Hanwell and beyond and that there are a range of different opinions and views on the future of the site.

“We can see that that many people want to see the rich nature and biodiversity of the site protected in the future, but we also see calls for new sports facilities from across the community as well​.

“A whole decade has passed with young people missing the opportunity to  play football, cricket and other field sports on the Warren Farm Sports Ground. We need to make sure that the sports players of tomorrow have that chance.

“I want to thank everyone who took part in this consultation and we will closely consider these findings in future plans for Warren Farm.”

Read the full results of the consultation online at the council’s website. Alternatively, the results can also be viewed on Give My View.

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