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Hand putting a voting slip into a ballot box. You need to register for the Hobbayne by-election

Voting checklist for the 2024 general election

Tomorrow, 4 July, the polling stations will open at 7am for voting in the 2024 general election. Here’s a voting checklist of some key information.

In order to vote you must be registered to vote, be 18 or over on the day of the election and be a British, Irish or Commonwealth citizen.  All those registered to vote will have received polling cards or postal votes via Royal Mail post.

All 134 polling stations across the borough open at 7am and close at 10pm. Details of your polling station and a map is listed on the back of your polling card, but if you are unsure where your polling station is you can use the polling station finder. You can cast your vote until 10pm but remember to join the queue before then. If you’re in the queue you can vote, but you can’t join it after 10pm.

Inside the polling station the polling clerk will ask for your name and address and to see your photo ID. They will then give you the ballot paper to take you to one of the booths to cast your vote in private. Please be aware that photography in a polling station is against the law, so save the selfie for outside.

There may be tellers from political parties outside polling stations who will ask for your name to check who has voted. You don’t have to speak to them, it’s up to you if you want to give details.

Postal votes

Postal votes should be returned in time for the election on 4 July. If you haven’t returned your postal vote, you can take it to your local polling station by 10pm or direct to the Electoral Registration Office in Greenford where you must hand it in. Do not post it through council letterboxes.

Voter ID

Following a change in legislation, everyone voting in the 2024 general election now needs to show photo ID to vote in person at polling stations. Check you have it with you when you go to vote as you will not be able to vote without it. Voters will only need to show one form of photo ID, but it must be the original. Copies will not be accepted.

You will be able to use expired photo ID if you are still recognisable from the photo. You can find out more about what forms of photo ID are accepted on the council’s website.

Audio ballot papers

Audio ballot papers will be available at all polling stations in the borough for those who have a visual impairment.  A QR code will be in each polling booth which can be scanned for an audio reading of all those standing in the election for that constituency. The presiding officer or poll clerks at the polling station can help, if needed, with the scanning and completing the ballot paper.  You can listen in advance to the audio ballot papers:


The results of the 3 constituencies in the borough will be announced overnight on 4 July.  Once announced they will be published on the council’s website and on social media channels with the hashtag #ealingdecides.

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