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Celebrating milestones in London’s Creative Enterprise Zones

A special event was held to celebrate a scheme that is supporting local creative industries and entrepreneurs to thrive.

Councillor Louise Brett, Ealing Council’s cabinet member for decent living incomes, was on-hand for a celebratory event held last week as the Mayor of London’s Creative Enterprise Zone (CEZ) programme reached new heights.

Our borough is home to the Acton and Park Royal CEZ. It was one of 9 zones across London, which has just gone up to 12 after three more were announced.

The ‘London Made Me’ celebration event saw the introduction of the three new accredited CEZs (in Westminster, Brent, and Islington) and the launching of several initiatives. The occasion brought together councillors, representatives, creatives, and cultural organisations from across the zones to celebrate the programme’s progress.

Attendees were entertained by various musical, theatrical, and dance performances representing the three new zones . The event also saw figures from local government representatives and zone creatives, highlighting the significant impact of the CEZ programme.

Proud to be a part of it

Councillor Brett said: “It’s great to be a part of a community that celebrates and empowers those in the creative industry. This event today celebrates all our achievements in the arts. We are proud to be a part of the CEZ with our Acton and Park Royal Creative Enterprise Zone. Ealing Council and our partners in the Greater London Authority will continue to provide spaces that empower and develop creative talent.”

London Made Me

London Made Me tells the story of the CEZ programme through films, case studies, events, artist ambassadors, and pop-ups. The digital exhibition showcased photography and footage, offering a glimpse into the vibrant creative communities thriving within the zones.

Another milestone announced was the launch of the application process for the next round of the London Made Me pop-up shop and retail training programme. Designed to inspire, equip, and empower zone creatives, this initiative aims to enable them to establish their own curated spaces, revitalizing and transforming local high streets.

Attendees also had the opportunity to explore the YAA Centre’s open studios, immersing themselves in the creativity and innovation within the zone. The vibrant atmosphere and lively event served as a testament to the programme’s success in fostering collaboration and nurturing talent.

What is a CEZ?

Recognising the need for sustainable practices within the creative sector, the Mayor of London’s CEZ programme allocated a £1.2million Sustainability Capital Grant fund in 2018. In total, 9 projects across London gradually secured funding, allowing for improvements in energy efficiency and reduced energy bills for creative workspaces. The Acton and Park Royal CEZ opened last year. The grants, reaching up to £200,000, are used to support artists, creative businesses, and cultural organisations in the face of rising energy costs. Within the Acton and Park Royal CEZ, the funding will directly support small businesses within the area.

The Mayor of London’s CEZ programme continues to shape London’s cultural landscape, promoting inclusivity, sustainability, and economic growth. With the addition of the three new accredited zones this year, the total now stands at 12 CEZs.

The programme’s impact underscores the transformative power the creative industry has in London. The commitment to supporting artists and creatives, sustainable practices, and exciting opportunities ensures a vibrant future for London’s CEZs.

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