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Hayley Hamilton

Pointing out your potential

Residents in low income jobs are boosting their earning potential with Skills Escalator: A council scheme that offers them the chance to ‘up-skill’ and move on in their career.

The scheme helps those who receive housing benefit to find their vocation. It can increase their chances of earning more money by providing them with access to career advice and the possibility of further training.

Kayliegh Creamer is a Skills Escalator advisor. She said: “What we do is lay out an action plan for them on how to get to where they want to be in the future. That could need multiple training courses, or it could be that they need one small training course to help them move on to the job that they want to move on to.”

‘I can see a light at the end of the tunnel’
Hayley Hamilton

Hayley Hamilton sought the help of Skills Escalator and is now training to be a teaching assistant. She said: “The job I do at the moment is perfect because it fits in with my daughter being at primary school, but it is not a career that I want to be doing long term.

“Skills Escalator has helped me immensely. I couldn’t have seen a way out otherwise and I probably would have been plodding along until, I don’t know, maybe I got a lucky break for another job. Without this I probably wouldn’t have had any sort of future, work-wise, to look forward to, but I can see a light at the end of the tunnel with this now and look forward to doing something I actually want to do.”

Councillor Jasbir Anand, the council’s cabinet member for business and community services, said: “Training and up-skilling is vital to ensure a thriving local economy. So, I am delighted the council offers such a helpful service for those who are in work but might need support in identifying career aspirations. If you know what you want your next step to be, or want help finding out, I encourage you to contact the Skills Escalator team.”

Get on the Skills Escalator

Residents must be over 18, living in rented accommodation in the borough, be working at least one hour a week, and be receiving housing benefit. To book an appointment and meet with an advisor.

Email: skillsescalator@ealing.gov.uk

Call 020 8825 7855 or 07957 658194

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