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Edward Tabarac of Hanwell with his artwork at the Royal Academy of Arts Young Artists Summer Show exhibition

Picture-perfect achievement for pupil who loves art

“To be honest, nothing could prepare me for the day when I saw his art work displayed on the walls of the Royal Academy of Arts,” said the proud mum of a local primary school pupil after his painting of a local landmark was chosen for an exhibition.

Edward Tabarac is 10 years old and attends Brentside Primary Academy in Hanwell. He is very passionate about art in general, drawing and painting in particular, and decided to enter a competition to feature in the second ever Royal Academy of Arts Young Artists Summer Show.

This is the youth section of the internationally famous Royal Academy of Arts Summer Show, which has run for 252 years.

Edward Tabarac's painting of Pitzhanger Manor being exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts Young Artists Summer Show
Edward’s painting of Pitzhanger Manor

Its expert panel of artists judges selected 209 works to be exhibited in the on-site exhibition in London from the 17,700 submissions by children aged between five and 18. An additional 181 will join the others in an online version of the exhibition.

The exhibition opened on Monday (19 October) and will be open to the public until 22 November.

‘It made me dare to dream big’

Edward said his picture of the Grade II listed Pitzhanger Manor in Ealing had been inspired while walking and playing in Walpole Park. The artwork is done in ink and watercolours.

He told us: “I drafted this gorgeous building while having a picnic in front of it, then I painted it. If you look closely, you can even see me, on a bench, reading my book.

“I was very proud and happy that my work was chosen to be exhibited at a such prestigious gallery. Also, seeing my work displayed there I felt encouraged that I should continue to pursue my passion. But, not only that. Seeing my work there made me dare to dream big and hope that, one day, one of my artworks will be displayed in the iconic RA Summer Exhibition.”

Edward Tabarac of Hanwell on the steps of the Royal Academy of Arts at the opening of its Young Artists Summer Show exhibition, which includes his painting of Pitzhanger Manor
Edward on the steps of the Royal Academy of Arts

‘Tears and goose bumps’

His mum Monica said: “I remember exactly the moment when I received the email announcing that his artwork was selected for the online and on-site exhibition. It was during the lockdown and he was working with his brother on a paper collage inspired by Picasso. I kept hugging and congratulating him for this big achievement. But, to be honest, nothing could prepare me for the day when I saw his artwork displayed on the walls of the Royal Academy of Arts. Tears and goose bumps that’s all I could feel and, of course, an immense pride.

“Edward has enjoyed drawing and painting since he was very little, maybe three or four; but his interest in art developed while attending a local art club and learning about particular styles of some famous artists. He was only five years old when he did his first auto-portrait and I was amazed by how well he represented his main features.

“I’ve always been very proud of Edward and his brother, of all their achievements. Specifically, about Edward, I am proud that he puts all his effort in whatever he does and always tries his best.”

‘A very talented artist’

Headteacher at Brentside Primary, Caroline Crosdale, said: “We are very proud of Edward’s achievements. He cheered us all up with some of his artwork during lockdown and I am not surprised he has been selected for the exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts – he is a very talented artist.”

Last word should go to Edward himself who, when asked why art meant so much to him, said: “I like it a lot because it helps me express my emotions and it makes me happy.”

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