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Construction vehicle at Lamaas Park

Park works to bring vital flood relief

A joint project between Ealing Council, Thames Water and the Environment Agency is providing vital flood protection for residents living around Lammas Park.

The proposed sustainable urban drainage system (SuDS) project in Lammas Park, Ealing, will see the creation of 2 new dry ponds/water storage basins and 2 water channels (known as swales), which will protect properties around the park from flooding during heavy periods of rainfall.

As well as protection against prolonged heavy rain or flash flooding, the ponds will help reduce the pressure on local storm sewers as the rainwater will be stored in the pond and then slowly released into drains. At the moment, the drains can become quickly overwhelmed with water which results in an overflow and localised flooding.

The new water channels will connect to an existing swale in the northwest corner of Lammas Park that already receives overflows from the Thames Water storm sewer.

Working to reduce flood risk

The Lammas Park area has been identified as a Critical Drainage Area in accordance with the Flood & Water Management Act 2010, with up to 2,700 properties being vulnerable to flood risks. The construction of the SuDS will substantially reduce the number of properties exposed to flood risk and reduce the impact of flash flooding.

Work started this month (May) after being initially hampered by heavy spring rainfall that prevented the work from starting earlier in the year as planned. It is expected that the work will be complete in mid-autumn so residents can benefit from increased flood protection in winter and next spring.

Once the work is complete, the park’s biodiversity and ecology will be given a boost. The swales and ponds will be complemented by wetland plants creating a range of new habitats for wildlife surrounded by new areas of meadow. Ponds can help store carbon through natural processes and the wetland planting will improve the quality of storm water by providing ecological filtering before it returns to local rivers.

As part of the project, a small number of trees will need to be removed. Any removal will be kept to a minimum and 3 new trees will be planted for every tree that is removed. There are also plans to use boulders and logs from trees that are removed to create natural play areas.

The flood prevention work is expected to be completed by September 2024 with landscaping, meadow planting and community activities taking place between September 2024 March 2025.

The park will remain open throughout the work, with some areas being fenced off for safety.

Due to the works access needed on site, one of the park’s entrances on Elers Road will be closed. Residents are being asked to use the other entrance on Elers Road adjacent to Walpole Close, which is 150 metres away.

The football courts and playground will remain open throughout the project.

For more information about this flood prevention work visit the Ealing Planning Portal (Reference –232947FUL) or email highwayservices@ealing.gov.uk with any questions.

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