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Don’t make your noise a nuisance

With the warm weather and lifting of restrictions many will want to use this opportunity to meet with their families and friends and this could lead to happy but boisterous noise.

Changes to advice

From 1st June 2020 the government announced easing COVID-19 restrictions to allow for groups of up to six people to meet outdoors. A minimum distance of two metres is still to be maintained.

Think of your neighbours

If you are planning a gathering of family or friends in your garden, please be considerate and let your neighbours know so they are not taken by surprise by an increase in noise.

Bear in mind that some people are still shielding at home, with their home being the only space they have access to. Noise, even noise that normally would not be a problem, can seem excessive for people living in that claustrophobic environment.

Others could be working from home, working a shift pattern or have small children they are trying to settle, so check your volume levels are not too intrusive.

A reasonable noise level

If you do experience disturbance from people congregating in their gardens or open spaces near you, think about the reasonableness of what they are doing. It is likely they will not have met for possibly 12 weeks, so the excitement and pleasure of seeing each other could be a little loud. Also the nature of social distancing may mean that raised voices over a two metre distance will often be inevitable.

Normal household noise during lockdown can seem intrusive so even a small increase in that noise can appear excessive, yet in reality it is an acceptable level.

Think of others

Councillor Joanna Camadoo-Rothwell, cabinet member for community safety and inclusion said: “Many of us will be looking forward to the opportunity to see loved ones and friends with the easing of restrictions. It is inevitable that some noise disturbance will be experienced and if it is excessive and persistent then do report it.

“But please continue to be good neighbours and be considerate of those around you.”

For further advice about the current rules, coping with or reporting noise disturbance, contact the council’s noise and nuisance team.

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