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two black women sitting together smiling. It's important for adopted people to share their stories in order to help others

Bringing new families together through adoption

Adoption is an exciting, challenging and life-changing experience, and a wonderful way of bringing new families together.

“Adoptive parents can come from all walks of life,” said Councillor Kamaljit Nagpal, cabinet member for a fairer start. “And we have children now who are waiting to meet them. But it is important that our adopters reflect the range of children we have who are looking for a secure loving home and have time, patience, understanding, and kindness.”

Over half of children (59%) in London, waiting for adoption, wait for an average of eight months or longer to be adopted.

You Can Adopt and adoption agencies across England, including Adopt London West in Ealing, have launched a new drive to find resilient and loving adoptive parents by showcasing the support available for them both before and after their adoption order is granted. You can listen to a podcast of personal experiences of those who have adopted and those who have been adopted.

Councillor Nagpal continued: “Adopt London West are committed to placing the small number of children who need adoptive placements with families who reflect their backgrounds as closely as possible. Placing London children with London families is a key priority, as we believe it is really important that children grow up within London’s diverse community.

“As I said, adoptive parents can come from all walks of life but interest from those who may be suitable to care for children who wait the longest to be placed is really really welcomed.”

Waiting for adoption

All children need and deserve secure and loving homes, but for some children finding adoptive families can take much longer than for others.

Children in care from black, mixed black ethnicity and transracial backgrounds wait the longest to be placed with adopters. If you are interested in considering adopting a child from an African, Caribbean, or mixed ethnicity background then we would really like to hear from you.

Sibling groups

Adoptive parents are needed to offer caring and stable homes for brothers and sisters. Siblings who have been through difficult experiences with their birth families have formed a strong, intense bond with each other and all efforts are made to try and place the children together.

Adopting sibling groups offers many advantages in terms of emotional security, mutual support and learning, all stemming from their shared past. You can help keep children together by adopting siblings.

Children who have experienced trauma

Children in care are likely to have suffered developmental trauma, abuse and a level of neglect. Children cope differently with past traumas, their distress can result in displays of challenging behaviour as children struggle to make sense of their past experiences. With support and training, adoptive parents can offer, nurturing, patient, sensitive care and understand what is behind behaviour that can be difficult at times.

Children with disabilities and/or additional needs

All children need and deserve secure and loving homes. We are looking for adopters willing to help meet the needs of children with additional needs and developmental uncertainty . With the right support and training, we aim to help every child with a disability or any additional needs reach their full potential.

Adopt West London

Adopt London West is a regional adoption agency, hosted by Ealing Council and consisting of Ealing, Brent, Hammersmith and Fulham and Hounslow councils. They work with residents across west London and beyond.

Adopt London West is part of Adopt London, four regional adoption agencies covering 24 London local authorities. By bringing together adoption professionals from local authorities across London, high levels of expertise and support are provided to adoptive families at all stages of the adoption process, working closely with adoptive parents to ensure that the kind of support that families need and find helpful, is provided.

To find out more about Adopt London West, please visit the Adopt London website

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