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Cllr Mason and Cllr Costigan remove graffiti from wall

Writing on the wall for graffiti

To keep the borough’s streets and open spaces clean and pleasant, the council has moved graffiti cleaning in-house to be managed by Greener Ealing (GEL).

GEL, wholly owned and run by the council, will continue to deliver much-needed waste and recycling services across Ealing’s seven towns, with the new service of graffiti removal added in this summer.

Councillor Peter Mason, Leader of the council and Councillor Deirdre Costigan, Ealing Council’s deputy leader and cabinet member for climate action, helped the new anti-graffiti team clear up some graffiti at Twyford Abbey Road near the Hanger Lane Gyratory on Friday, 21 July.

Councillor Mason said: “We are committed to making our borough clean and pleasant and keeping it clear of fly tips, and graffiti is part of this aspiration.

“Greener Ealing has been doing an excellent job since they took over the rubbish and recycling service and it makes good sense to put them in charge of clearing up graffiti.”

Councillor Costigan said: “Graffiti has increased substantially across London since the pandemic, and we are seeing much larger expanses of graffiti that take a number of days to remove. By managing these services under one roof and in-house, we are able to deliver a higher quality service that is good value for money and more responsive to our residents’ needs.

“We mustn’t let a small minority that graffiti our borough spoil things for the rest of us, so I hope we can all take responsibility for reporting this kind of behaviour if we see it so we can keep Ealing beautiful.”

Why Greener Ealing?

GEL has been the council’s rubbish and recycling provider since July 2020. There’s been a huge improvement in the cleanliness of the borough’s streets since then.

Customer complaints about the service dropped from 170 in 2019/20 to just 27 in 2022/23.

Also, according to an independent company, which inspects our streets three times a year, GEL is exceeding targets for litter clearance and the service was recognised with a gold award at the prestigious London in Bloom competition for their work looking after the green spaces in the borough.

Greener Ealing will also be responsible for parking enforcement from April 2024. 

In a recent survey, 72% of our residents said they were satisfied with the way the council runs things.

Reporting graffiti

The council removes graffiti from council owned commercial and residential buildings, as well as benches and bins. You can help the council keep the borough clean and pleasant by reporting graffiti on Ealing Council’s website.

Graffiti is a criminal offence. Some racist, sexist or homophobic graffiti is classed as a hate crime and should also be reported to the police, as well as the council.

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