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Leading the charge for a greener Ealing

With more than 100 on-street electric vehicle charging points (EVCP) now in place across the borough and more on their way, Ealing is moving into a new more environmentally-friendly era with greener travel options for local people.

The rollout of EVCPs is part of Ealing Council’s ambitious transport strategy, launched last year. The aim is to lower the environmental footprint within the borough and across London by increasing the amount of electric vehicles and improve air quality. 

There could be up to 11,500 electric cars on Ealing’s roads by 2025 and, by 2040, electric vehicles will comprise up to 54% of total sales in the UK – which is why it is central to the council’s long-term plans to boost the number of EVCPs in use.

Earlier this month leader of the council Julian Bell met colleagues from Source London – which provides the borough with EVCPs in Ealing – to get a first-hand look at the new equipment.

He explained: “We are facing a climate change emergency and it’s vital that we give local people the support they need to take environmentally-friendly options when getting around the borough.

“Another problem is air pollution, which contributes to the premature deaths of almost 9,500 Londoners each year. That’s why we are taking strong action and encouraging residents to make sustainable travel choices which ultimately will save lives.

“It is great news that we will have installed more than 100 EVCPs on the borough’s streets with more confirmed in the near future. Our long term aim is to ensure that residents are never more than ten minutes’ walk from one.

“We are looking to increase them in areas easily accessible to drivers such as stations, car parks, new developments and taxi ranks. It will ensure the borough is a place where it is easier for people to ditch older, more polluting vehicles.”

What are the benefits of going electric?

The running costs of electric vehicles are often far lower than traditional cars and are currently exempt from the congestion charge and ultra-low emission zone schemes. They pay no road tax and can benefit from parking permit discounts and reduced company car tax.

The government also provides grants for people and businesses looking to install charge points on their own property, including driveways and garages.

Councillor Bell continued: “There are so many pluses on switching to electric – the greenest vehicles here in Ealing could see charges for their parking permit reduced and electric cars are not subject to the ultra-low-emission charges which came into force in parts of central London this spring. In 2021 the zone is due to expand to include some part of the borough so an electric car is worth the consideration of residents planning their travel options in the long-term.

“We want to reduce the amount of cars on the borough’s roads and encourage cycling and public transport wherever possible – but getting more people to use electric vehicles as a greener option is one of our ongoing commitments.”

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