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Tony's DIY tips

Tony’s DIY tips #2: Turning off your water supply

Sometimes a running tap might not switch off because the washer head has worn away.  So, this week Tony, our friendly master of home maintenance, is going to show you in this video how to switch off the water supply to your kitchen taps.

If you ever find yourself with the water running in the kitchen and you cannot turn the taps off, here is what to do. Firstly you will need to open the cupboard doors beneath your kitchen sink and look inside to find the isolation valves.

There will be two isolation valves: A blue one for the cold water and a red one is for the hot water.  In our example we have a mixer tap, so we are going to need to switch both of them off to shut the water supply off. To do this you will need a flat-headed screwdriver.

Simply place your flat-headed screwdriver into the slot in the isolation valve and turn it clockwise for one quarter turn only. Do the same for the cold (blue) valve and for the hot (red) valve.  This will stop the water running and save you from any potential problems with flooding and water wastage.

If you live in a tenanted property you should not try to fix the taps yourself but should contact your landlord. They will advise if fixing the taps is their responsibility.

If you are a home owner you should only attempt to fix the taps if you are confident you know how to do so, otherwise contact a qualified plumber.

Whilst it is very important to get professional advice and help for more complex work, getting to grips with a few common maintenance problems like this can save you time and money.

Remember; if you’re in doubt about any aspect of home maintenance always consult a professional.

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