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How to unblock a sink

Tony’s DIY tips #3: Unblocking a sink

Learning how to fix a few common maintenance problems around the home can save you time and money. In our latest short video our DIY expert Tony explains how you can easily unblock a sink or wash hand basin when the water is not draining away.

The tools you will need are a plunger and old rag. Instead of a rag you can always use an old glove or a sponge.

The first thing to do is place your rag, glove or sponge over the overflow hole at the back of the wash hand basin. This will prevent water from gushing out and will stop you from getting soaked.

The next thing to do is to place your plunger over the plughole and start plunging by pushing up and down firmly with the plunger. After a short while the water will hopefully simply drain away down the plughole.

Sometimes you will find the water does not drain away on your first attempt and you may have to try three or four times. The reason is because the pipe may be blocked a little further down. However, it should eventually go with a little more effort if you keep trying.

Remember to keep a rag or something similar over the overflow hole to stop you from getting wet.

You can prevent wash hand basins and sinks from becoming blocked in the first place by being careful about what goes down the plughole. Coffee grounds and food matter belongs in your recycling bin, not the down the sink. An occasional cup of vinegar poured down the plughole, followed half an hour later by some hot water, can help prevent the build-up of organic material in the pipe.

As always, if you are in doubt about any aspect of home maintenance, always consult a professional.

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