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Ambitious four-year Council Plan

The council’s four-year Council Plan was unveiled at the Full Council meeting on Tuesday, 26 July. The plan outlines how Ealing Council will deliver on its commitments for the coming four years, 2022-2026, as well as meeting immediate goals in the first twelve months.

The plan is focused on being more open, transparent and inclusive with three strategic objectives at the heart of the plan: fighting inequality, tackling the climate crisis, and creating good jobs and growth.  It sets out the council’s priorities to meet its goals and how they will be delivered.

“We want nothing more radical than to ensure every family has a decent living income and can afford a genuinely affordable home. Where we can all enjoy clean air and green space, without fear of climate change. To enjoy long, happy and healthy lives in communities full of pride and identity, and where every child can reach their potential,” said Ealing’s leader, Councillor Peter Mason.

“We’ve developed this plan against the backdrop of unprecedented local and global challenges: the cost of living crisis, growing inflation, the consequences of Brexit and the climate crisis. We continue to grapple with entrenched racism and structural inequalities holding our borough and our people back.”

“But amongst the challenges, there are also opportunities. Our seven vibrant towns each contain communities with their own sense of history, culture and economic power. Ealing is great – but we know it can be better, too.”

First 100 days

The newly-elected administration’s first 100 days have so far seen the introduction of the first of 15 School Streets to reduce traffic and promote active travel, and a £3million commitment to planting 50,000 trees across the borough to combat climate change.

Around 80 roads, tracks and pavements across all seven towns are also being upgraded as part of the council’s Highways Improvement Programme. The council is also currently creating a citizens’ tribunal, to hold the council, Police and other organisations accountable for the promises we make to end race inequality.

Building on these milestones, the plan proposes a new economy for – and a new relationship with – the people of Ealing, to fully unlock the borough’s potential and creativity. It also champions a new culture within Ealing Council, recognising the need for change: being very clear and honest about the challenges the borough faces, and how these are being addressed.

Annual updates will be published each summer summarising progress, and setting out the next set of goals for the coming 12 months, so the council can be held accountable against its commitments.

Find out more about Council Plan 2022-26 and how residents and businesses can contribute it. You will also find the current annual delivery plan on the council’s website.

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