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Residential road with 20 MPH speed limit road markings

Check your speed in lockdown

Local drivers in Ealing are urged to check their speed when travelling on local roads, which may seem less busy due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions.

The Met Police has seen a significant increase in cases of excess speeding across London during the lockdown because there are fewer cars on the road. In fact, in a seven-day period last month, officers recorded more than 2,000 speeding offences – an eight-fold increase compared to the same week in 2019.

These have included drivers recording speeds of more than 130 miles per hour in some areas and even incidents of cars doing 70 miles per hour in a 20mph zone. During lockdown the police are enforcing speeding limits 24/7 just like any other time.

This comes at a time when Ealing Council is introducing measures to encourage more people to walk and cycle to help ease pressure on public transport and support social distancing.

Measures to help this have been introduced in West Ealing and Acton respectively. Temporary and permanent changes to some footpaths and roads in other parts of the borough are also being considered and implemented to help with more greener travel options in this difficult time. 

Therefore, it remains vital that all road-users act responsibly and help create a safe environment and reduce the risk of traffic accidents.

Councillor Mik Sabiers, cabinet member for environment and highways said: “Across London and nationally we have seen a worrying rise in cases of speeding due to quieter roads during lockdown. It is shocking to hear of some of the most extreme cases and we are reminding everyone using Ealing’s roads of their responsibility to drive lawfully at all times.

“We are supporting the police wherever possible to crackdown on speeding and have run a number of successful 20mph zones across the borough.

“Across Ealing many people have used lockdown as an opportunity to enjoy the cleaner air that much less traffic has provided and improve our health through exercise, particularly walking, jogging and cycling.”

“We are looking at a number of ways to help maintain this, both to help social distancing and take the pressure of public transport, but also as an opportunity to make positive changes in the ling-term.”

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