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Burglary: The safer communities team provide you with home security tips

Can you think like a burglar?

This video takes you on a walkthrough around a local home, giving you tips on how to secure your home better. The council’s safer communities team often tells residents to look at their home through the eyes of a burglar.

This includes thinking about how they would get in to their home if they had forgotten their keys. If they think they could do it without getting a locksmith then so could a burglar.

A burglar is often an opportunist, and some do not even have to use much force to get in through doors and windows that are not properly secured.

Most people have a practical routine that they follow to make sure their home is secure every time they go out. But there are also many simple precautions that can be taken to reduce the risk of your home being burgled if you are out, or away.

If you know what burglars are looking for, you can try to do something about it.

Watch the video for a walkthrough of a home to give you the best ideas on what to do to secure your home.

But here are some of the main things burglars look out for:
■ High front boundary that acts as cover (like large hedges, for example)
■ Low side and rear boundaries (for easy access)
■ Insecure side gate
■ Insecure garage/shed door or window
■ Insecure or weak front door
■ No lights on when its dark outside
■ No burglar alarm on the house
■ No security light
■ Open windows
■ Valuables visible from the windows
■ Long, uncut lawn or unkempt garden (suggesting absence).

Remember, most burglaries happen when a property is empty. They are also more likely to happen during the evening or night. Use timer switches to turn on lights, radios and other appliances when you are out or planning to go away. If you need to, also cancel delivery of mail, milk and newspapers if away for long periods.

More information

You can call the safer communities team on 020 8825 5994.

And make sure you read the spring edition of Around Ealing magazine for more.

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