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Tackling blue badge fraud

More than 20 people have been taken to court for blue badge fraud over recent months and Ealing Council is continuing to crackdown against illegal use of the badges.

Over the same period, 52 blue badges have also been seized because people are fraudulently attempting to use them.

The council has issued fines of more than £12,000 since April 2023, with the highest fine £1,347.

What is a blue badge?

A blue badge is a parking concession given to people with conditions that impact their mobility. It allows them, and their carers, to park in spots closer to their destination, where other motorists are not permitted.

Using blue badges fraudulently

A blue badge is vital to those who need it, including people who aren’t obviously disabled. It is a criminal offence for anyone else to use a blue badge in any other circumstances. Misuse can result in a fine, a criminal prosecution and even a prison sentence.

Thefts of blue badges

Residents are being asked to remain vigilant following reports of recent thefts of blue badges from vehicles in the borough.

If you have been a victim of a blue badge theft, please report it to the police in the first instance.

The council’s blue badge enforcement officers are regularly checking blue badges across the borough using mobile phone applications linked to the Department for Transport’s database. This helps officers check the status of the badge and whether it has been cancelled or stolen.

Blue badges must be clearly displayed and photocopies are not acceptable. 

Councillor Deirdre Costigan, the council’s cabinet member for climate action, said: “We want to ensure that blue badges are available to the people who really rely on them for support. That is why we always take tough action against people who commit fraud. 

“Our officers inspect and investigate in streets and town centres across the borough, tracking down cases of misuse, taking fraudulent blue badges off our streets and fining and prosecuting individuals found to be breaking the law.  

“People may think they are doing no harm if they quickly use a blue badge that does not belong to them, but what these drivers need to realise is that they are usually blocking someone with reduced mobility from being able to park and are breaking the law. 

“We will continue to work with the police to tackle misuse and fine and prosecute offenders wherever possible.”

Check if you are eligible for a blue badge. You can apply for one on the council’s website.

If you suspect someone of using a blue badge fraudulently, or want to report your blue badge as lost or stolen, you can call the council on 020 8825 8161.

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