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Hygiene and safety in school - coronavirus

Back to school: Staying safe

It is important that all residents continue to follow social distancing rules, making changes to their regular routine where possible. And this applies to the school run, too, as students go back to school next week.

One way we can be safer is by avoiding the enclosed spaces of public transport and, because of social distancing, capacity is reduced on public transport anyway.


We know that more than 80% of pupils at primary schools live less than one mile from their school – a distance which can usually be walked in 20 minutes. And at high schools it is more than half of pupils, with another 25% only a little further away – a 20-minute cycle ride for most young people.

Active travel is one way of reducing the risk of spread of COVID-19, and also a great way of staying fit. And, by avoiding using the car, you are helping to cut pollution and improve air quality.


Councillor Binda Rai, Ealing Council’s cabinet member for health and adult services, said: “Thanks to the huge sacrifice that residents have made during the coronavirus outbreak, Ealing’s rates have been very low over the summer. It is really important that we keep following the public health guidance so that we can ensure rates do not go up and so that we can continue to save lives.”

Councillor Yvonne Johnson, cabinet member for schools and children, added: “All schools will have their own specific plans for returning to school
and parents and carers should make sure they follow these rules closely,
along with the wider coronavirus safety guidelines. This way, we can make sure the return to school is as seamless as possible for everyone.”

Stay up to date with the latest information at www.ealing.gov.uk/coronavirus and keep in touch with your school.


Ealing Council has created a plan to help prevent the virus spreading in the borough and to control the virus in the event of a local outbreak, in partnership with all other London boroughs. You can see more at www.ealing.gov.uk/covidgettested

Prevent the spread

  • Maintain social distancing (ideally two metres) when outside
  • Limit social gatherings and time spent in crowded places
  • Wear face coverings in crowded public spaces. This is compulsory for shops and public transport
  • Wash your hands regularly with soap and water (or use hand gel sanitiser)
  • ‘Catch it, bin it, kill it’ – carry tissues and use them
  • Stay at home as soon as anyone in the household has symptoms
  • Follow the test and trace rules (including applying for a test as soon as you develop symptoms). Find out more at www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/testing-and-tracing

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