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Heenal Fatania, council apprentice

Apprenticeships week: Heenal’s story

“The Ealing Council apprenticeships scheme enticed me the most out of all those I looked at because each role that was advertised showed how it would be working towards bettering the community,” said Heenal Fatania, an apprentice at the council.

“In fact, the most rewarding part of the apprenticeship is knowing that you are helping members of the community.”

This week (14-18 March) is National Apprenticeships Week and the council is looking to take on another group of apprentices to work with its varied and diverse services as part of its apprenticeships scheme.

You must be aged between 16 and 23 – and you can apply from 1 April. There is plenty more information available on how to go about this on the council’s website.

Heenal, 19, started in January with the council’s safer communities department.

She said: “Before beginning the apprenticeship I was at college and had a part-time job in House of Fraser. I was also actively looking for ways that I could get experience, whether this was volunteering or an actual job.

“It was then that I decided to apply to become an apprentice because this provides both practical and vocational experience as well as opportunities to further one’s skills set.”

As part of the scheme, apprentices work towards vocational qualifications while being paid for the work they do.

Heenal said: “I would definitely recommend the apprenticeship programme because it is so diverse. The programme also provides you with support, alongside providing you with the right qualification to work towards.

“I aspire to be like my eldest sister because she has always shown how, with hard work and determination, you can reach your dreams.

“My career goal is to be able to further myself within the safer communities team, where I can eventually work more on the legal side of things. The council has already provided many opportunities to join colleagues in court, as well as taking statements; and chances to help to work towards the very base of finding a solution to a problem. I feel that this will give me a great insight as to how each process works and help me reach my long term goal.

“I have already improved my communication skills because my role consists of meeting and speaking with different people on a daily basis. There are a lot of things going on at once and it is extremely important to communicate efficiently and effectively to avoid miscommunication within a fast moving department.

“I would advise others who might be interested in apprenticeships to keeping on searching for opportunities and don’t give up because you will come across a role that is perfect for you and remember that you have the potential to advance in so many different ways.”

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