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Amelia and Fizza are doing apprenticeships at Tudor Primary School

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Did you know that the council’s Ealing Apprenticeship Network has helped local businesses set up more than 600 apprenticeships in the last five years? It is currently searching for businesses to create more placements – and is also looking for residents to fill the roles.

For the sixth year running, the Network’s ‘100-in-100’ campaign has been receiving pledges from local businesses to create job placements. The idea is to see 100 apprenticeships pledged over a 100-day period between September and December. In fact, businesses have until 9 December to get involved in this year’s. You can see a running total of the businesses that have signed up at www.ealing.gov.uk/apprenticeships

Data compiled by the National Apprenticeship Service found 81% of consumers favour using a company which recruits apprentices; and 92% of employers who employ apprentices believe apprenticeships lead to a more motivated and satisfied workforce.


Employers who would like more information or to offer an apprenticeship should visit www.ealing.gov.uk/apprenticeships and fill out the form online, or call 020 8825 6234.

If you make a pledge, a member of the team will be in touch with you to discuss it. You will then be given assistance in matching a person to the role, setting up the apprenticeship and also in working with a training provider.


The Network is also looking for local people who might be interested in applying to fill the positions. The placements combine a job with training and each take a minimum of a year to complete. See the contact details on these pages to find out more.

Fizza Afzal, 23, and Amelia Warran, 21, (pictured above) both left university unsure about their prospects, but their passion for working with children led them to apprenticeships at Tudor Primary School in Southall.

Amelia and Fizza are doing apprenticeships at Tudor Primary School
Amelia and Fizza are doing apprenticeships at Tudor Primary School

Fizza, who was the Significant Achievement winner at the Network’s annual awards in November, said: “The job market is so competitive. So many people are leaving university with top degrees and going for similar roles.

Having job-specific experience on our CVs as well as the right qualifications could be that little extra that sets us apart from the crowd and lands us our dream role.

“I knew from my first day at Tudor that I wanted to pursue a full-time career as a teacher. There was this buzz around the school that I immediately clicked with. It’s things like that, that made me realise I made the right decision to leave the course I was studying at university.”


“The idea of working with children at the start of their educational journey and seeing them progress is what is most exciting for me” Amelia explained.

“The experience has been invaluable. The staff have been so supportive in my development because they know I am here to learn. They have shown faith in my ability by allowing me to lead my own classes and that kind of confidence in me does wonders for mine.”

Despite leaving university early, both Fizza and Amelia hope to return to pursue a PGCE teaching degree after hopefully completing their level three qualifications at the school in 2019.


Councillor Jasbir Anand, the council’s cabinet member for business and community services, said: “It is one of the council’s top priorities to help local people have opportunities to find good jobs and, since the 100 in 100 campaign launched in 2012, we’ve exceeded our target of 100 placements every year. It is easy to see why: Local businesses can receive full support around the process of hiring and training; while apprentices get paid, on-the-job learning and a route into a career with decent pay.”


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