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Sukhi Jutla, entrepreneur and author

Win a book and maybe start a new career

Desperate to start a new career, open a shop or start a business? A local entrepreneur and author tells us how she quit her job to begin a new life and then wrote a book about it – and how you could do the same. And, what is more, we have five copies of the book to give away in a competition.

Sukhi Jutla, who lives in Southall, has been shortlisted in the entrepreneur category of the Asian Women of Achievement Awards – which are being announced at a ceremony next week (9 May).

Sukhi Jutla book competition
Sukhi Jutla book competition

Her latest book Escape The Cubicle: Quit The Job You Hate, Create A Life You Love tells the story of how she left behind a decade of corporate life to start again – and shows you how you could do something similar, whether it is simply to find a new job or to start your own company. It was pronounced the world’s first bestselling ‘Blockchain’ title last month, using an innovative new form of publishing powered by blockchain technology.

She wrote her two books after founding a company Market Orders, an online global marketplace for the gold jewellery trade industry.

‘Change is always difficult and takes courage’

She said: “I used to enjoy the job I did but, after 10 years in the financial industry, I knew I wanted to do something else. I had dreams of starting my own business and I yearned for a lifestyle that gave me the flexibility I craved to form my own career path that allowed me to be creative and dream big.

“So, I made the jump and left the day job to start my own business, Market Orders. I have built a great team and enjoy the work I do because the work I do makes a real difference to the customers I serve. Running my own business also gives me the freedom to create the business and life I want.

“We all have something we want to take a jump towards, perhaps a new hobby or lifestyle. It could be to find a better job or to quit that job and start that business you have always been thinking about. No matter whether it’s a big or small change, change is always difficult and takes courage to make.”

Sukhi now also regularly gives talks at events and conferences. You can read four of her top tips later on in this article.

Win a copy of the book

Sukhi has five ebook versions of her book to give away to the winners of our competition. To be in with a chance of winning one of the ebooks, you must correctly answer the following question: Which category was Sukhi shortlisted in for the Asian Women of Achievement Awards?

You must submit your answer by email to aroundealing@ealing.gov.uk by 23.59pm on Tuesday, 15 May 2018, when entries close. Put ‘Book competition’ in the subject line of your email and include your full name and a phone number. After the closing deadline, five winners will be selected at random. Only the winners will be contacted and notified.

Sukhi’s top tips

“Many people often ask me how I made the leap from a corporate cog to be a creative catalyst,” said Sukhi, “And here I share four questions for people to answer to help themselves.”

1. What are you good at?
Sukhi: “We are all naturally talented in some areas and you need to understand what you are great at. Are you a whiz with numbers or talented with painting? Identify what it is you are great at and this becomes your unfair advantage. Doing work you love is very closely linked to things you are already great at.”

2. What types of activities come easily to you?
Sukhi: “Think about the activities you love to do and then focus on doing work related to those activities. For example, I love to come up with ideas which is why I love to write books because it’s all about ideas.”

3. What environment do you thrive in?
Sukhi: “Do you prefer to work on a computer or be outdoors? Do you prefer to work on your own or do you need to feel like a part of a team? Do you want to be working near the sea or in a different country? Do you need flexibility in your work?”

4. Do you need to up-skill or learn new skills to develop your passions?
Sukhi: “You may need to learn a new skill to get that perfect role or start that business, so are you willing to take some time to develop those skills you need? Are you willing to watch less TV today so that you can invest in your learning today so that you can do work you love?”

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