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US President Franklin Roosevelt, 1933

The Goodlet diaries: Week 18

Week 18 of our serialisation touches on north American political deals, Goodlet’s distaste of potential conscription in Britain, and a piece of good news on the domestic front as the boys get into school despite the family’s money troubles. Want to start from the beginning? Read the introduction.

Monday 27.4.36

This, in its mild way, has been quite a red letter day, as this evening I put the last finishing touch to the map and handed it over to the Pater. Nunc dimittis.

Rose from lunch and spent a long time over it talking with the Mater about the situation and all its unpleasant possibilities. Joan and the youngsters were here for a while this afternoon. After tea went to the Aunts’ and found then well.

I understand the Pater has some hopes of something being done in the way of business.

Today’s news is interesting. President Roosevelt (pictured above) has realised the dreams of generations of American statesmen by inducing Canada to join a Pan-American confederation and practically ally herself with the USA. I should not be surprised to see Canada drop out of the League of Nations and the Commonwealth.

King Faud of Egypt is dying. There is no hope for the Herzogin Cecile.

Letter from JM.

Tuesday 28.3.36

Rose for lunch to find the Mater has been in touch with the MT authorities, and by most prompt and able measures she took steps to convince them of our difficult circumstances and by tonight’s last post had secured from them the necessary papers to let the Boys go to school. It is a real triumph for the Mater and a great credit. Frankly, I should have been too pessimistic to have attempted it.

Typed a long letter for the Pater to Herbert. The Dymchurch folk are worrying again.

Met Kidd and EH tonight and later went round to Kidd’s for a cup of tea. Joan and the youngsters were here for tea.

King Faud died suddenly this morning.

I note that our blackguardly Cabinet is now beginning to flirt with the idea of conscription. They would. This Cabinet and House of Commons is nothing but a hydraheaded dictatorship.

Wednesday 29.4.36

Rose for lunch and afterwards had a long conference with the Pater over the necessary financial measures to be taken to tide is over this hideous nip-gut time. After tea took a long stroll and curiously met Kidd again.

After dinner typed a letter for the Pater and took it to the air mail box at Ealing. The evening was so fine that I then strolled all the way to Twyford Avenue bridge and spent a long time looking at the trains.

Have turned two eccentrics for the Rocket. Made out the new racing schedules for the Granville Yachting Club. Have made Stanley the Commodore, Kidd the Vice and Ernest the Rear. I am Secretary.

Thursday 30.4.36

Up at lunch time and then to the bank, where I boldly drew out £5. Tried to see the manager, but he was busy, which suited me all right.

Home. And then over to Harrow to get the Boys’ season tickets; what a blessing and a miracle it is that all is well and set for them to go back to school again tomorrow.

Mr Stanley to dinner and afterwards Kidd, Eddie and the Hodges came in and we opened the new racing session. Kidd secured two firsts. Walked to Horn Lane as usual.

I fear the Mater is rather tired out tonight, and no wonder after such a week.

I see King Farouk left London today, the day his father was buried.
The supplementary Naval estimates are out today and are £10,000,000.

They provide for 38 new ships, including two capital ones.

The Italians have broken through the Abyssinian fortified lines on the road to Addis Ababa. Damn them.

Friday 1.5.36

Rose very late, feeling extremely weary and sore. After tea went shopping in Acton and then to the library in Ealing, looking in on the Aunts on the way home. Have spent a very quiet day on the whole and only done some routine work this evening.

The Boys seem quite contented to be back at school. I fear the Mater is very weary, and the Pater seems very depressed.

The news is that the Italians have entered Addis Ababa, but there is no confirmation.

I see it stated in the Star by A.F. Gardiner that Mussolini was preparing to attack Malta last year, and only prevented by the King of Italy!

Saturday 2.5.36

Up for breakfast at 10.30, and a horrid wrench it was. Found a civil letter from the bank agreeing to pay the overdrawn cheques.

Just before tea who should walk in but Ine and the Doc., up on a flying visit. Kidd, Joan and the youngsters came in almost immediately afterward, so we were a very big family tea party.

Afterwards I walked over to the Aunts’ and had a second tea with them. Home to dinner and then Buzz, Doc. And I sailed a match which the Doc. won, Buzz being a close second. Saw them off at 10.15 and have since then been busy on routine, but hope to put in a couple of hours on model work.

The news is that the Emperor, Haile Selassie, has abandoned Addis Ababa and gone to Jibouti.

See in the papers that the younger brother of my old friend E.S. Cadic has been killed in an aeroplane.

Sunday 3.5.36

Worked very long last night making a die and was not too successful. Afterward took a bath and got to bed at 6.30. Up at lunch for lunch and put in most of the afternoon writing letters. Went out after tea to post them and had a walk, but found it very cold.

Stanley to dinner, and a pleasant musical evening. Walked to Horn Lane as usual. We talked much of the powder magazine state of the world and especially the awkward mess there is likely to be all around over this Abyssinian affair. All mutually disgusted at the dictator-like qualities of our present priceless government.

Ye gods, a whole year tomorrow since the great Jubilee Day, a whole year.

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