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Ealing Together

Ealing Together volunteering restarts

Ealing residents are once again invited to volunteer for the Ealing Together team.

Around 500 people have already stepped up to help in the local COVID19 effort. Volunteer recruitment was paused a couple of weeks ago as Ealing Together looked to match the volunteering opportunities available with the people who had stepped forwards.

When the COVID19 pandemic first started, it was anticipated that a team of volunteers would be needed to help meet the needs of the most vulnerable in Ealing.

Unknown challenges ahead

Councillor Peter Mason, cabinet lead for Ealing Together, explains: “COVID19 is an unprecedented situation and when it first escalated, we called on Ealing so we would be in strong position to respond quickly. Ealing’s community has always been its greatest strength and we were delighted to see so many people step forward to help.

“As the situation has developed, fewer people have needed emergency support than first anticipated. And our local charities and groups have risen brilliantly to the COVID19 challenge by adapting and redeploying their existing volunteers. As a result, we have had fewer immediate volunteering opportunities for people than we first expected.

“What is clear is that there are many unknown challenges ahead for us all. That is why we want to capture the outpouring of good will and amazing community spirit and build a pool of the willing that we can ask for help when new challenges arise.”

Local people willing to join this pool are asked to go to Ealing Together and complete the web form. Ealing Together promises to stay in regular touch with its volunteers and pass on any volunteering opportunities that arise to those suitable.

Volunteers will also be called upon to help in the future as the borough starts to recover from the COVID19 pandemic.

Many families will not see a return to normal life

Councillor Mason continued: “COVID19 is a personal tragedy for many of our friends and neighbours and our heartfelt sympathies go out to anyone who has lost a loved one. It is also a wider social and financial shock for our community, and many families will not see a return to normal life when this is over.

“Ealing has come together to help each other through the COVID lockdown, and we will need to do the same when the lockdown has finished. That is why I am hoping that local people will be ready to carry on doing something good for their local area for a long time to come.”

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