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Traffic survey results now available to residents

Ealing Council regularly commissions traffic surveys for roads in every part of the borough.

These surveys examine traffic flow, traffic direction, numbers of vehicles, speeds and other data across a 7-day period on these roads and streets.

The information gathered provides raw data and analysis which the council’s transport planning team can then use for the long-term planning of road management systems.

The data is essential for transport projects and programmes as well as for developing the borough’s transport strategy. However, it is important to note it is just part of the evidence the council looks at when bringing forward potential traffic schemes.

These traffic surveys are part of the council’s focus on active and sustainable travel, aiming to reduce congestion, decarbonise transport, and support residents to walk and cycle for everyday journeys.

The sets of data for each of these surveys are complex and detailed and the compilers do not provide it in a format which is accessible for the public.

However, some residents have requested copies of specific road surveys using Freedom of Information (FOI) legislation, and we know that residents take an interest in the data relating to their local area.

In the interests of transparency, communities and individuals wanting to access copies of available traffic surveys will no longer have to use the FOI procedure. The most recent batch of surveys from autumn 2023 are now available through the council’s website. If you visit the traffic surveys page, you can view the roads that have had recent traffic surveys. If you want to request copies of any of these documents, simply email transportplanningservice@ealing.gov.uk.

Councillor Deirdre Costigan, deputy leader and cabinet member for climate action, said: “We’re committed to being an open and transparent council which is why we want the results of our traffic surveys to be easier for our residents to get hold of.

“Our transport planners are developing long-term plans for roads and pavements in the borough which will aim to reduce air pollution, increase safety for all road users and make it easier to walk and cycle.

“These traffic surveys are only a small part of that planning task, but they do provide raw and important data that is essential to the work.”

Please note the traffic surveys are carried out for council use and not designed for the general public and, as they are in the form of excel spreadsheets, do not comply with the council’s policy on accessibility for documents.

Future traffic flow surveys will also be made available via this webpage.

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