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Around Ealing magazine - Winter 2020 edition

Around Ealing magazine – winter 2020 edition

Welcome to the winter 2020 edition of Around Ealing (See below for interactive and PDF versions). As the year draws to a close, it is a strange experience to reflect on the constant whir of events that have occurred.

It has simultaneously been a slow grind and a quick blur. Coronavirus has changed all of our lives and many will be glad to see the back of 2020, even though we have more of this to get through before ‘normality’ of some kind can resume.

We probably all know someone who has been directly affected and I want to personally pass my sympathies to anyone who has lost someone this year. Whether that loss was as a direct result of COVID-19 or not, the effects of the virus has made grieving especially difficult.

In this context, it seems strange to wish you a merry Christmas or happy Chanukah, but I hope we can all enjoy some time with people we care about. As we move through winter 2020 and into the new year, let us hope 2021 brings us better news with the potential vaccination programme and better testing. In the meantime, stay safe.

This winter 2020 edition of Around Ealing also looks at other big concerns such as climate action (including how you can make energy efficiency improvements to your home, have a green Christmas and check out a toy library); jobs and homelessness. In addition, we find out how a school’s pupils have fallen in love with sport lessons – and much more.

The front cover of this edition is a photograph by Natalie Burns of a robin in Walpole Park, Ealing, and was a runner-up in one of our Seasons of Ealing photography competitions. You can see more of her photos on her Instagram account by following @natalieburnsspence

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