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Around Ealing magazine - winter 2019 edition

Around Ealing magazine – winter 2019

Welcome to the winter 2019 edition of Around Ealing magazine. There is a diverse range of articles in this edition.

I have not typically used this space to promote something that is primarily on this website (Ealing News Extra) rather than in the magazine but, in this case, I had to make an exception.

Our article on the new HIV support service on page 14 of the magazine is supplemented by an extended version of this article online, plus a must-read online interview with an extraordinary survivor, who defied death more than once and has lived with the virus for 35 years. She is an amazing
person with a remarkable story to tell – I strongly recommend checking it out.

Meanwhile, as we approach the centenary of the ‘Homes for Heroes’ council housing that sprung up across the borough, we visited one of the first to be built in our borough (see page 17 of the magazine). You can read the longer version of the history behind it all in our accompanying online history article.

We also look at the new sports hub at Gunnersbury Park, which is nearing completion. While the gym and sports hall will open in the opening months of the new year, there are other facilities already starting to be used. We featured three of these – and have done accompanying longer articles and videos for them: Football, tennis and fishing.

Finally, I would like to wish everyone a very happy Christmas, or Chanukah, and a prosperous new year



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