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Around Ealing coronavirus edition #3 June 2020

Around Ealing magazine – coronavirus #3 (June 2020)

This special edition of Around Ealing is the third mini-issue related to the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on local services and local people. You can view it in interactive and PDF formats below.

In his introduction, the leader of the council Julian Bell wrote: “Regardless of what might have happened in certain incidents involving people in the public eye breaking lockdown, nothing should distract us from the terrible truth that coronavirus is a deadly killer. And we have lost far too many local people to it – friends, family, work colleagues.

“The candlelit vigils being held weekly by groups of residents are testament to that loss; and yet also to the incredible community spirit that has been pulling Ealing through the appalling situation we all found ourselves confronted by.

“It is only by staying together in this way, staying strong and, yes, staying at home as much as possible, that we will find a path through this as a community.

“The lockdown is not over just yet. It may have been eased but we don’t know what is around the corner. For now, I thank everyone who is
maintaining social distancing and behaving responsibly and following the
rules for the benefit of us all.

“We owe it to those we have lost.

“The shining examples of the work being done under the Ealing Together banner (see page 10) gives us all hope that we might emerge from this disaster with something positive to cling on to.

“Those in the thick of it are expressing the hope of a legacy of engaged neighbours working together to help each other out. And the impressive list of work set out in the updated infographic on the back page of this magazine (page 12) further reinforces this collective effort.

“Possibly less expected but also welcome is the improvement in the quality of the air that we breathe, with the drop-off in traffic during lockdown having reduced the pollution. This is a development we can all do something about preserving, by switching to walking and cycling more (see page six).

“We must all do our bit.”



Around Ealing magazine coronavirus edition #3 (June) PDF

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