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Front cover of Around Ealing magazine - autumn 2021 edition

Around Ealing magazine – autumn 2021

Welcome to the autumn 2021 edition of Around Ealing magazine. You can view PDF and interactive versions of the magazine (see below).

As you will notice throughout this autumn 2021 edition of the magazine, instead of referring you to ealingnewsextra.co.uk for more information on lots of our stories, we are now telling you to go to aroundealing.com – the website you are looking at right now!

We have had a change of name after having to do some updates and maintenance to the website. It is now more user friendly, more accessible for people with sight or hearing impairments and better on mobile phones (which is now the most common way for people to view our online stories).

As the online home of Around Ealing (you can find back issues of the magazine here, too), it made sense to make sure the names all matched up, so we switched to aroundealing.com

Lots of stories and videos will appear on a regular basis so you can keep up to date throughout the year, in between the four editions of the magazine, which are: Spring in March, summer in June, autumn in September and winter in December.

In this autumn 2021 edition of Around Ealing, you will find stories on schools, jobs and lots more – including a section on climate action, with all kinds of articles on everything from retrofitting council homes for energy efficiency, to rewilding of harvest mice in the borough.

Interactive autumn 2021 edition


PDF edition

Around Ealing autumn 2021 PDF

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